Hydro-electric Power Stations

Hydropower is more important than ever during this time of energy transition. We support our customers in their quest to generate renewable energy from hydropower. With our many years of experience, we can take care of every part of the process: we can build new plants, modernize existing plants, or expand.

Specialized Mechanical Engineering

We manufacture specialized mechanical parts to meet the customer’s requirements. We produce components that are no longer being made as well as parts that do not exist on the market. Thanks to our specialist staff and state-of-the-art machines, we can produce a wide variety of exotic components.

Industry service

We offer attractive maintenance and service packages for our customers. In addition to the manufacturing of parts, we perform machine relocation and repairs, including hydraulics and pneumatics, and handle all our customer’s technical issues. We are a dedicated partner who always delivers the best performance.

Wear & corrosion protection

Replacing worn components can be a nuisance. Often new components are expensive and have a long lead time. However, new purchases aren’t always required; subsequent coating can often save worn components, which can increase the delivery rate and efficiency of pumps by up to 12%.

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Krönauer Maschinenbau

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